Concept Vinyl

Various artists


Doja Cat
“Say So” Remixes

Concept based on Doja Cat’s VMAs outfit and creating a sensual, textural vinyl concept.

Cover has a holographic sticker, and the typography in holo silver, along with the shiny parts of Doja’s outfit.
Album features
  • 1 x LP tricolor marble vinyl
  • Inner sleeve
  • Poster with Embossed lyrics on reverse side
  • Embossed gatefold
  • Stickers
  • Face Jewels

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Album cover, sleeve, vinyl

Extras: stickers + face jewels

Full layout

Ariana Grande
“k bye for now (swt live)”

Concept was based on the “confetti and rainbow heaven” theme of her tour. To express this, I chose a holo theme.

Album features
  • 3 x LP picture vinyl
  • tour poster
  • tour book
  • goodies (stickers + scratch art paper)

Photography credit:
Kevin Mazur 

I chose b&w for the cover so when you open it, it’ll show a burst of color.

You also get a hint of what’s to come with the holographic type on the front and back. The edges of the album are also in holo.


Features holo on “No Tears Left to Cry” set (pictured right).

Edges on inside of album are also in holo.

Full gatefold

Sleeves + vinyl

(Rows read left to right)
Top row: LP 1—side 2, LP 2—side 2, LP 3—side 2,
Middle row: LP 2—side 1, LP 2—side 1, LP 3—side 1,
Bottom row: inner sleeves

Vinyl art is based on the tour’s backdrops!

Normally, I’d display the sleeves on top. But since Ariana’s branding usually features things upside, and elements that break free the norm, I felt it made sense.

Also, when you watch the tour, Ariana is underneath the moon, the sun, the galaxy, etc. So, it makes more sense visually having the sleeves on the bottom.


Extra goodies

Left: tour poster
Middle: holographic moon sticker pack + rainbow scratch art
Right: tour book (The stars on tour book are also holographic)

Full vinyl set

“Good Morning”

Concept based on music video. The album is printed with photochromic inks. So, when it’s is exposed to sunlight, the cover and gatefold will turn full color.

This is because EDEN has a lot of hidden messages in his work, and I wanted to show through the packaging. In a way, you’re telling the album “good morning.”  

(Left: album before being exposed to sunlight. Right: album after exposure to sunlight)

Top: gatefold before being exposed to light
Bottom: gatefold after being exposed to light.

Text says:
As day breaks mortality colors run and bleed for fear now's the only time there is and just as good night comes following follow down and seem I who watched this dissappear and out of the dark you'll find you given the time and space the world will bend to guide you

Static gatefold

Sleeve + vinyl

Majority of the music video features EDEN upside and in a variety of perspectives. So, I thought it’d be fitting to have him on the label and use split-color vinyl to mirror the music video’s visuals.

Full layout
1st column: album cover before + after being exposed to sunlight
2nd column: album cover + sleeve + vinyl, sleeve + vinyl
3rd column: gatefold before + after being exposed to sunlight, vinyl

Harry Styles
“Watermelon Sugar”

Concept based on music video.

Most of the concept was trying to give the album a fun, nostalgic feel. Most of the editing went into color correction and lighting to suit the theme.

Back cover


Vinyl going into sleeve (sleeve has diecut of watermelon shape, so it’s a seamless transition when the vinyl slides in/out)

Most of the design work here was making the cutout, and color correcting the image so that the watermelon on the sleeve and the vinyl looked cohesive.

7” split color vinyl with black speckles

Extas: polaroids for the nostalgic feel

Full layout

Simple Creatures
“Strange Love” [Single]

Concept was based on the music video. Many of the visuals were glitchy but that’s difficult to translate into the physical space. So, I centered my concept around color-changing paper and materials. That way, you still simulate the glitch effect, while also having some fun color interactions!

In addition, most of Simple Creature’s marketing prominently highlights Alex Gaskarth and Mark Hoppus. That made this a challenge to try to give equal visual importance to the both of them.

Album features
  • color-changing art 
  • 1 x single 
  • a limited edition zine

This album is black and white. But when you touch it, the thermochromic paper activates. This effect emulates the music video.

These are three possibilites out of many!
(variants are for demo purposes only)

This also uses thermochromic paper on the silhouttes of Alex and Mark to emaulate the music video.

This record is only a single. What makes it special is how the record functions like a mood ring!

It’s made of glass and filled with thermotropic liquid crystals. Pictured below are three possibilites out of many!

Bonus content (a short zine) 
Top row: zine cover, back cover, full cover spread. Beneath covers are the pages.

I felt a zine was fitting since it’s punk and both artists come from pop punk bands. Plus, zines make the glitchy photography into something tangible. A lot of the imagery reminds me of experimental photography too! So, I felt it was fitting.

Full vinyl set

100 gecs
“Hand Crushed by a Mallet” remix [Single]

Following the music video, the album concept art is based on low-res videogame. Part of this manifested through effects such as moving characters, holographic elements, and creating a sense of depth.

The cover’s typography and border are embossed. Mouse is holographic. Doorway is a diecut and shows a peek of the gatefold.
Album features
  • 1 x single
  • stickers


As you open the album, the mushroom man and mouse slide to the left (in the music video, they’re chasing each other).

Gatefold also features lyrics

Inner sleeve + vinyl
Label on vinyl has holographic stickers for the sparkles on the key


Full vinyl set

Machine Gun Kelly
“forget me too ft. halsey” [Single]

Concept is based on the music video, such as MGK cutting an 8-ball off his back or seeing into each musician’s eyes and seeing their partner.

Since the video’s focused on duality, I wanted to capture that in the design.
Album features
  • 2 packaging variants
  • 1 x splatter vinyl

Instead of seeing an 8 on the back of the 8- ball, I chose to use the “XX” that MGK has tattooed. It means “that everyone stands together, regardless of race, gender or religion.”


In the music video, when you look into each musician’s eye, you see the other. Ex: if you look into MGK’s eye, you see Halsey—and vice versa. So, the splatter paint design emulates that effect.

B side is the acoustic!


Packaging variant 1: Halsey

The inner sleeve has MGK, the moment before you zoom into his eye.

Gatefold features lyrics, and Halsey floating inside MGK’s eye (it makes sense in the music video).

Packaging variant 2: MGK

Full vinyl set

Skate deck!

This is MGK merch for his pop punk era. 

Skatedeck features the iconic XX, pink guitar, snake, and stickers.

(Sticker art is from his lyrics and music videos, movie, and latest single “love race ft Kellin Quinn”)

“Bloody Valentine” jacket

Patches feature art from “Bloody Valentine’s” music/lyric videos. 

I chose a denim jacket since it’s recalling the punk era. The pearls on the collar reference MGK’s penchant for pearl necklaces.

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