Doja Cat

“Say So” Remixes

Concept based on Doja Cat’s VMAs outfit and creating a sensual, textural vinyl concept.

Cover has a holographic sticker, and the typography in holo silver, along with the shiny parts of Doja’s outfit.
Album features
  • 1 x LP tricolor marble vinyl
  • Inner sleeve
  • Poster with Embossed lyrics on reverse side
  • Embossed gatefold
  • Stickers
  • Face Jewels

Back cover


Logo is custom, modeled after Doja’s necklace in VEVO LIFT.

I couldn’t find the font, so I used the bowl of the “D” to create the “C,” the “j” to create the “t,” and the swash of the “d” to create the tail of the “t.”

The tail of the “t” is flourished since the rest of the typeface is decorative and the swash of the “d” has a similar curl.

It’s also like that since Doja tends to do a lot of arm movements like this too. So, in a way, she looks like the “t”

Gatefold design taken from Doja’s outfit.

I really like her outfit and how it looked up close. So, I wanted to use that as a texture since it looked otherwordly. The gemstones on the gatefold are embossed and holographic.

The gatefold’s source image

Album cover, sleeve, vinyl
Vinyl design based on Doja’s outfit, and the glowing sphere in her VMAs performance.

I wasn’t sure which vinyl I liked better, so I included both! I like the Doja’s outfit a lot but I might be overusing the texture.

So, that’s why I made a second vinyl that features something from the same performance (the glowing sphere that bursts before the song).

First vinyl is picture vinyl with a holographic sticker, Second vinyl is marble vinyl.

Lyrics (all text is embossed), poster on reverse side

Rainbow design follows the effect from the “Say So” music video.

There wasn’t a music video featuring Nicki Minaj, so I took her futuristic outfit from Migos’ “Motorsport.”

Extras: stickers + face jewels

Stickers feature some of the motifs in Doja’s work like disco balls, moons, aliens, and neon signs.

Face jewels were just a fun idea since I wanted to reuse the diamonds on her outfit.

Full layout