Date 2019-2020
Category Web Design + Short Film

Services front-end web development

Prefalse is an exploration of a post-truth world through the aesthetics of political rhetoric without context or judgment.

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What is it?
An interactive website that  juxtaposes a video that layers a “soup” of data containing symbols, frames, and photos.

Inspired by Kenneth Goldsmith’s Uncreative Writing, I follow the notion that any language can be poetry. As such, this is not a project concerned with the veracity of claims, but instead with the aesthetic of ideas.

Each of manifesto represents nodes in a network of our collective consciousness. Here are some of the authors included:


In a Kenneth Goldsmith fashion, I read eleven manifestos. But I edited my voice, shifting the pitch and distorting the tone to emulate the discordant media of our post-truth society. To keep it in the spirit of Goldsmith, mundane imagery plays in the background.

Scenes such as workers building a railroad, a US flag waving in the wind, and people waiting in line to vote.

To encapsulate this experience, I created a website that algorithmically generates content. Every time the page loads, the overlaid objects (iframes, emojis, gifs, images, and videos) orient randomly on the page. When the page is refreshed, the Javascript randomly adds filters to these objects, distorting their colors, messing with their orientation, and giving these once familiar objects the space for new interpretations.

In short, Prefalse is an experiment in aesthetics, their narratives, and the space they occupy.