A fast casual restaurant concept to encourage diversity.

Client Personal
Year 2018-2019

Category Brand Identity and Strategy, Web Design

To cater towards Gen Z's diverse composition, Munval is a restaurant concept that furthers tolerance through culinary fusions and consumer-to-chef interactions.

Consumer Demographics

Mission Statement

Munval is a multicultural restaurant celebrating the brave new world of diversity through culinary fusions, community, and curiosity.

Taste the future!

Brand Book

“Food Fun” Billboard Series

Web Design

At Munval, we believe it's important to have local cooks represent the area and create specials based off their personal experience.

Menu Samples

Product Concepts

fine design with pizza and wine

Color Palette

Palette designed to represent no particular country.

Primary colors on left. Accent colors supplementing for black and white on the right.

Restaurant Exteriors

Social Responsibility

Introducing organic mints and tote bags where 100% of proceeds support Action Against Hunger, a nonprofit organization seeking to end world hunger.



tote bags