COVID-19’s Effects on 2020 Chunyun Migration

Client Personal
Year 2020
Category Data Visualization

Originally, this project began in January 2020, a month after COVID-19 was declared an epidemic in China. The timing of the outbreak heavily disrupted Chunyun (Spring Festival) migration.

Chunyun is typically a forty-day period when Chinese people celebrate the Lunar New Year. It’s also a time when migrant workers are able to reunite with their families and university students have their holiday break. As a result, Chunyun is the world’s largest annual human migration.

This visualization was designed to highlight the coronavirus’ effects on Chunyun (Spring Festival) travel (specifically the disruption of mass transit system in the Hubei province).

The original data was taken from January 27th, 2020 and this visualization has not been updated since.

If there were to be any updates to this project, it would likely happen once the pandemic ends and the complete timeline of COVID-19’s effects have been reported.